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SOTTO On Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Volkswagen may have debuted the Bluesport sports car concept back in 2009 with hopes of producing it under the VW brand, but we highly doubt that anyone really planned on seeing it live and in production form. Then after the company announced it would shelf the concept until people started buying cars again, we thought it would be left there collecting dust until it was primed and ready to be published in a book of concepts that never stood a chance. Nevertheless, plans for the BlueSport are still in the works and graphic designer, "Steel Drake," has taken the opportunity to preview Volkswagen’s future sports car.

His rendition screams, "I’m the Audi R8’s forgotten younger brother," but Drake made sure to throw in his personal influence to differentiate it. Of course, that just left us with a front end that looks like it’s melting off, concave curves oddly place at the front of the doors, and the matching droopy taillights at the back. He did throw in some LED lights to try to balance the quirkiness with some normalcy, but that may have been a wasted attempt.

We don’t see this concept ever making it to the Volkswagen drawing table with their stamp of approval, but it does open the doors to what changes Volkswagen could make in order for their new sports car to compete in a populated segment. Ball’s in your court, Volkswagen. Show us what you got.


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