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SOTTO On Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ron Aguirre passed away on Thursday May 26, 2011. I didn't know him personally. Many of my friends did. I wish I could say more about who he was as a person, but I respectfully leave that to those who knew him well. To Ron's family and close friends he was much more than the owner/builder of one of the coolest custom cars in history. But for the sake of homage and in keeping with what we do on this site, I'd like to thank him for the impact he left on the custom car and lowrider world. His legacy is one that began in the 50's and will not soon be forgotten. There's always fodder for debate in the car world. Was Ron's X-Sonic the first on hydraulics? Was it the second? Who else was doing it at that time? Who did it even before him? It goes on and on. And honestly, it doesn't really matter much. Pat Ganahl said it beautifully in Rodder's Journal #50. "First car with Hydraulics? First bubbletop? How about the best custom Corvette ever."

Pat, we agree.

Thank you Ron Aguirre. Your legacy lives on.


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