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SOTTO On Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We auctioned a few of these off at the Cruise to the Lake show and they were a huge hit. These limited edition decks are in high demand. Only 300 made. Not many out there at all. Big thanks to the very talented Eddy Reyes of Secret Sidewalk and Hasta Morir clothing for Allowing us to auction these off. Eddy is responsible for the artwork and design. For those who don't know he's Junior and Alex's older brother. Very talented tattoo artist, painter, designer, etc. We're proud to have him in the extended LBCC family. This deck is one in a series of limited edition decks that Eddie has been producing. It's my favorite one yet. Check out the photos. It's brand new, never, opened, still in the plastic. Proceeds from this auction will go toward costs of running this board as well as setting up our new website. LBCC thanks you in advance. We know you'll love this deck! Happy Bidding.

We're going to start the auction off at $50. The auction will end this coming Sunday, June 12th, at 8pm pacific time. Go to the thread on our board to place a bid:**-LBCC-Auction-**-Hasta-Morir-Caliskatz-limited-edition-skate-deck. Or just click on the title of this blog entry to be magically transported there. Post your bid amount. Make sure its more than the guy that posted before you.


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